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Careers - Choose Your Job

Why Choose a career at RPI?

Are you tired of your long commute to work?
Does commission ONLY work, scare you?
Are you looking for a reliable source of income and a steady paycheck?
Do you want a more flexile work schedule with available evening or weekend hours?
Do you want to work part-time, but be treated like a full-time professional?
Are you looking for a second job, with flexible hours, to make ends meet?
  Do yow want to be treated like a partner in the success of your company, not just a disposable employee?

...…then RPI is your solution to career independence. Our unique work from home opportunity can help you meet your career goals or financial needs immediately.

What kind of job opportunity is RPI?

Residential Programs, Inc. (RPI) provides its employees with a unique opportunity to balance life and career, in a well-paid and challenging environment. We are actively looking for well-motivated and career minded people to join our team of Telephone Sales Representatives (TSR) in our rapidly expanding business.

RPI utilizes a state of the art, web based telemarketing process to provide our clients with the best possible fund raising services, while allowing our employees to enjoy a work from home environment and lifestyle.

As a TSR with RPI, you will be able to work from home, using only a PC and a web connection. Our field managers will be able to provide instruction and coaching remotely, as needed, to ensure your success with us.

Residential Programs, Inc., offers full and part time employment opportunities on a straight forward hourly basis (no commissions) and flexible scheduling. You are a regular employee, not a freelancer or commission only sales person, so you can look forward to steady employment and a regular pay check.

You will have the opportunity to show what kind of dynamic person you are, and a route to future promotion and career advancement.
And you will be able to do this from home, eliminating long commutes, gas money and traffic.
So please  click here to get started on your career future NOW.

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